Soleus Watches

In our 2nd Talk to the Experts session, we are chatting with our expert at Soleus watches, Ben Toomey. Ben is not only Mr Soleus Australia but is an acclaimed athlete in his own right.  His record breaking times are an awesome achievement and he truly believes in & uses his products to help improve his PB’s.

Tell us a bit about Soleus?

Soleus running watches make both timing and GPS products. I started distributing Soleus in Australia earlier this year.

What makes Soleus watches stand out from the rest?

I like to think there are a few things that help Soleus stand out from the rest.

  • Price – our products are extremely well priced compared with some of our competitors.
  • Colour – all of our products come in a range of different colours so you are certain to find one that you love.
  • Functionality – we have ensured all our watches and GPS products have the features that you are looking for, but are still easy to use and navigate.

What’s the most popular Soleus watch at the moment?

The GPS 1.0 at $150 gives you pace, distance, time, calories and has an auto lap feature. It’s been extremely popular, even after we released new GPS products with more features people just seem to love the simplicity.

Over the last few weeks we have also seen a pretty dramatic increase in the popularity of the Chicked – I think that has something to do with a couple of the new colours we’ve released.

What are some other exciting products we can look forward to from Soleus?

It is an exciting time for us right now as we have just released some fantastic new products. The brand new version of the GPS 1.0 – still $150 but it is has a new display and button configuration improving on what is already a great product.

We are also releasing a Heart Rate strap which will work with smart phones via Bluetooth and work with all your favourite running apps such as RunKeeper and MapMyRun.

The Swift is also one all you girls should look forward too – it combines a running watch with something just a bit more fashionable and suitable for any occasion.

What’s your personal favourite Soleus watch & why?

Personally I love the Ultra Sole because of the big numbers and the shape. It also stores multiple runs (our GPS do this too) so I can look back at all the runs I’ve done during the week. I am currently wearing the Blue/Green/Silver combination!

What do you do to keep fit?

I run – quite a bit!

What are your personal fitness goals for 2012?

My goal at the beginning of the year was to get back running PB’s after struggling for almost 2 years returning from a nasty injury and to just get 12 months of good solid consistent training in. So far the training has been relatively consistent and I only just missed my 10,000m PB by 5seconds in April – so hopefully by the time our summer rolls around again I can tick that box too.

Do you have a PB you are proud of?

Probably the one that stands out was my Half Marathon PB at Christchurch in 2010, it was actually my first half marathon but I’d had a really great block of training leading into it and was pretty sure I was going to run well. The gun went off and everything felt easy – until around 16km when it got really hard work. I ended up finishing 2nd and running 1hour 5mins 32seconds.

Do you have a favourite workout song?

I actually never run with music, I just don’t like it. I also have heard a few horror stories of people getting hit by cars and things. I do try and run with people as much as possible though and thoroughly enjoy the banter and conversation that can happen when you are out in the bush on a long run with your mates.

Do you have a favourite post exercise treat?

I sort of go by the motto that provided I eat enough good food I can eat as much other stuff as I like. I enjoy Chocolate and Ice Cream – often in very large portions.

Thank you Ben, for your time.

Be sure to check out some of the new range of watches that have just been released.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy using them as much as we do.